Bleibtreustraße 25 in Berlin-Charlottenburg

A perfect symbiosis

of classical and modern

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in the classy Bleibtreustraße


With its classic elegance your new home merges harmoniously into the historical surroundings of Bleibtreustraße. The stylish facade perfectly complements the existing neighbouring properties and captivates the eye with its markedly sculptured, richly detailed elements. Pilasters, grooves and cornices give it a horizontal rhythm. Balance in the vertical plane is created by division into a base section, the main floors and a penthouse floor.

The 22 desirable freehold apartments for owners with upmarket expectations offer windows down to the floor and ceilings of generous height. The seven-storey building’s sightlines and proportions are coordinated harmoniously with each other. The two foyers on the ground floor each lead to a stairwell and provide for a stylish reception.

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